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From idea to shop – birth of a template

About the digital scrapbooking templates ‘ScrapildeDesigns’:

The templates are unique  and designed from scratch by me (Hilde from Scrapilde). It takes time to design and perfect them.

It all starts with the inspiration.
My inspiration comes literally from everywhere. Very often I get an idea when I see certain patterns in architectural buildings, furniture or nature. And it doesn’t stop with that one idea, usually my brain is filled with different designs all screaming to be worked out.
For sure you can say it’s really busy in my head.

Then comes the challenge of working out all these ideas into a good template. I start playing with lines and when I’m happy I transform them on the computer into a workable template.
When I’m finally happy, there is a necessary quality check: The spacing must be accurate everywhere. Only then I can convert the template in a first draft. With this draft I make a page. At this stage I can see where I want the final lines and chalk elementsts. After I added them I can convert the template to its final formats.
Now my baby is ready to be released into the world.

Read also the article about what makes my digital templates so unique.

Happy scrappy greetings,

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What makes Scrapilde’s templates so different from all other templates available on the internet?

My templates are designed with the European scrapbooking style in mind, also know as the LéaFrance style (worldwide) or the azza style (in Belgium and neighboring countries).
I have about 15 years of experience with this scrapbooking style, it has no more secrets for me.

In the european style of scrapbooking the focus lays on the photo rather than on the embellishment. It uses an ‘interlock’ technique that provides a uniform space between photos and paper elements.
Another characteristic of this style is the presence of all kinds of curved shapes that merge seamlessly into one bigger lay-out.
Furthermore, hand-drawn lines and frames in combination with a layer of chalk or ink finishes the page.

How does this all translate to my templates?

While the more traditional templates stick to rectangles, circles and simple basic shapes, my templates often give you a whole new range of new shapes for your photos.
What’s more, I use the interlocking technique for all my shapes! During the design process I pay special attention to the spacing between the different elements. The accuracy  is essential and contributes to the look of the page, so I spent a lot of time and attention on this detail.
Also I regularly add digital lines and frames to my templates or provide some elements with a layer of chalk/ink. This add real value to your finished pages.

You will not find all these features in other digital templates on the internet.

So I can say that my templates are real unique gems!

Happy scrappy greetings,

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Tell me what color you like and I’ll tell you who you are

Decisions, decisions, decisions… has given me sleepless nights.

What is going on?

Well, I’m looking for my own style to present my digital templates. In my quest to find the most suitable color combination for my site and my templates, finding THE color combination that appeals to everyone, I soon realized that this is an impossible task.

I tried out some color palettes and found that my taste changed overtime and also changed depending on my mood.
One day I went wild with the strong blue/purple colors. The next day the yellow/brown look of my templates makes me feel happy and I wondered what I ever saw in the previous color palette.
Then again, some times later I stick to soft pastel colors, only to opt for completely different colors a few weeks later…….
Perhaps the shades of gray are a thing? I think it’s a little more sophisticated. But maybe also a bit boring……
Sigh, I’m hopeless………..

What colors do you prefer?

You know what? I’ll stop worrying about this.
Doesn’t everyone have a preference for certain shapes and colours? We are billions of people and we all have our own preference when it comes to colors. Fortunately, otherwise the world would just be a monotonous dull affair.
Maybe I should just use the colors I feel like that day and stop worrying about the color choice.
Eventually, my templates will fill with hundreds of different photos, papers and colors and each fill will tell its own story that matters to the creator. And in the end, that is what is most important: The story YOU want to tell, not the color of my mood.
So from now on no more worries, I’m going for ALL the colors. We make it a cheerful and colorful place to be.

So there goes my intention to make a nice and cohesive looking shop…..
But I’m happy with the decision I made (At least for now, you never know what future will bring , lol)

And now to answer the title: You are you and that makes you beautifull and perfect !

Happy scrappy greetings,