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Pocket pages with a twist

pocket pages whith a twist - digital pocket page template, project life

What is it?

Are you wondering what pocket pages are? Well I try to explain it (briefly).

In 2008 project life from Becky Higgins was born. The use of plastic sheet protectors divided in different pockets took scrapbooking to a whole new level: No need for glue anymore, just inserting the photos and pocket cards in the desired pocket.

Soon the style was adopted by the digital scrapbookers and designers of digital products included pocket cards and templates in their kits.
A pocketpage template typically is an arrangement of blocks in a few different standard sizes on a page. Each block then can be filled with photos or patterned paper.
Contrary to the physical pocket pages, in digital scrapbooking with pocket pages you are not limited to the blocks. You can put embellishments anywhere on the page. There is no right or wrong way to use the templates

Digital Pocket Pages with a twist

Almost all the time the shapes in the digital templates are rectangular. Nothing wrong with that, but if you know me a little, you know I love curves. I started searching templates with curves and I didn’t find them.
So I decided to made them myself,. And so my new type of templates were born: pocket pages with a twist 🙂

The first templates will be a mix and match serie: I made different variations with a few standard shapes.
If you know well how to deal with rotating and duplicating layers you can stick to a few templates with the standard shapes. If you are not you have also the option to buy a set where I did the work for you.

I hope you like these new style of pocket pages.
Leave a comment if so, so I know it is worth to make more of these templates.

Happy scrappy greetings

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