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Big news !

If you follow my blog, you now I am a vivid user of templates/stencils for scrapbooking, both physical and digital.
One of the company I really like (and has a more than excellent customersservice!) is Léa France.
Léa France sells trully amazing physical scrapbooking stencils.
The company digitized also a lot of the pages made with their templates. This way digital scrappers can also enjoy the beautiful and special designs.
So the day the company announced they wanted to withdraw the templates from their website I was heartbroken.
But wait before you feel sorry for my heartache!
The solution for my broken heart came in the form of an angel. And that angel called Carine.
Carine, who is the founder and owner of Léa France, believed I was the perfect person to continue to sell the Lea France digital collection.

I am therefore very honored that I can now offer the digital scrapbooking templates of Lea France as an official partner.

You will find them in the category LeaFrance Originals

So if you are in search of a specific designs and you don’t find it (yet), just give me a call. Following Carine, I also want to give you the best possible service.

This is a really huge collection, so I know what to do in the coming weeks………But it will be a labor of love 🙂