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iNSD2022 Blog train and freebie

It is international scrapbooking day 2022 and I wanted to do something extra for you all.
I recently joined a FB group for independent designers and they set up a blog train for NSD2022. We called it the iNSD2022.
Sadly I didn’t had the time to collaborate for the current blog train, but I didn’t want it to pass without promoting my new designerfriends! And next blogtrain I will be also participating!

So if you like freebies go to were you found all the links to the designers and start to hop.

I did the hop and make this page with all the goodies:

PPS017 page made by Hilde using elements and paper from the blogtrain.

The template used is my own PPS017 template.
And because I love presents I give you the template till 28/05/2022 for FREE!
A very good reason to try it out.

On the page you see my little cute doggie. Isn’t she gorgeous in the field full of daisies? I immediatly know I would use these photos with the current blogtrain.

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Freebie template + voorbeeld: A060

Hieronder vind je een nieuwe template, te gebruiken in de software Studioscrap.
De template mag onder geen enkele vorm verkocht/aangeboden worden en is enkel voor persoonlijk gebruik !
Veel plezier ermee – scrapilde

Below you will find a new template, to be used in the Studioscrap software.
The template may not be sold/offered in any form and is for personal use only!
Have fun – scrapilde

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un nouveau gabarit, à utiliser dans le logiciel Studioscrap.
Le modèle ne peut être vendu/offert sous aucune forme et est destiné à un usage personnel uniquement!
Amusez-vous – scrapilde

A060 scrapildedesigns click to download


Gebaseerd op een pagina die ik maakte met het sjabloon Verlaine van Azza.

Based on a page I made with Azza’s template Verlaine.

Basé sur une page que j’ai réalisée avec le template Verlaine d’Azza. Continue reading Freebie template + voorbeeld: A060