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Behind the scenes

My store has been live for a month and the website is taking shape. I spend almost every day working behind the scenes on my website. That is not always easy to combine all this with a busy full-time job.

The changes in the store:

-After purchase you get the download link immediately, you no longer have to download another PDF, handy, isn’t it?
-You can now also download all files at once in a handy zip folder.
-I also started adding the Lea france collection to the shop. Since this collection is based on the company’s plastic templates, I’ve added tags of the template used. This also makes it easier to find templates inspired by the same template.

Additions on the website:
-A gallery with even more examples was added. The title mentions the template and where known, the used kit has also been added.
-My old (Dutch) site contains a wealth of examples and information, which I will integrate further on my new website. The messages have already been transferred and in the future I will translate the most relevant messages into English (excuse me if it’s not quite correct English, I’ll do my best).

You see I been busy.
If you have remarks on how to make the site better (clearer and/or easier) don’t hesitate to leave a comment. If it is possible, I will make the changes.
For now I wish you a nice week and see you soon!

Happy scrappy greetings

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